Turn Employees Into Brand Advocates

EmployeeMX is a software that helps organizations collect feedback from employees and track their experiences every single day throughout their employment. This data can be used to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. It collects feedback from employees in a variety of ways, including surveys, polls, and open-ended feedback. This feedback is then used to create a comprehensive view of the EX. Organizations can use this data to identify areas where they can improve, such as employee satisfaction with their role, workspace, manager, or well-being.


Take actions that make
an impact

Hear every
single employee

Listen and improve experiences for every employee.

EmployeeMX enables organizations to monitor, respond, and improve the main points along the employee journey

Connect with your employees 24/7 and capture real-time feedback in the moments that matter. Whether in the office, on job sites, or remote, hear every voice in your organization with a listening engine that makes sure you can take action when and where it matters most.

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    Expand brand
    awareness and equity

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    Encourage the culture
    of feedback

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Discover. Understand. Act

EmployeeMX uncovers experiences that drive employees to join, contribute, and ultimately become brand advocates for their organizations. EmployeeMX can help:

  • Uncover insights to boost engagement

  • Create culture of feedback and recognition

  • Reduce employee turnover rate

  • Build brand advocates

  • Improve workplace environment

  • Improve employee retention and loyalty

  • Boost CX and customer share of wallet