Uncover Market Insights, Empower Smarter Decisions

Mining Experiences (MX) is the only solution of its kind in the world, and it offers a number of unique benefits that no other software can match. MX uses advanced AI and proprietary text mining solutions to mine opinions and feedback from consumers. This data can be used to assess the feasibility of new products and services and to make informed decisions about how to launch them.


Take informed actions
to drive growth

Find your place
in the market

Analyze your target market in one click.

MX empowers businesses to discover, evaluate,
and gain insights into their target market.

Learn about your target market, including where they are, what they want, and how valuable your products or services would be to them, in real-time. Make informed decisions to give yourself a competitive edge.

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    Pick market for

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    Identify the area
    of research

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    Select topics
    of importance

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    Collect and analyze
    data sources

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Discover. Understand. Act

MX is a revolutionary new software that allows companies to discover and analyze their target market, and mine opinions and feedback from consumers about product or service and can help:

  • Align offers with consumer expectations

  • Develop effective marketing strategies

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Identify new trends and opportunities

  • Reduce the risks in decision making

  • Understand consumer profiles and preferences